"Offered" to agent

The agent’s answer rate is defined as requests answered divided by requests offered. Should all calls/requests set up to agents count as “offered”, or only the calls/requests the agent had a fair chance to answer?

Which conversation event results are counted as Offered to agent in Puzzel standard agent statistics?

  • Busy/reject (b) – included in “Offered”
    • For calls, the agent can click No/Reject when the call is ringing, or the call to the agent might get busy signal immediately. (If agent uses an external phone, the ready agent’s phone might be busy in a non-Puzzel call.
    • For written requests, if the agent clicks Reject when offered a request
  • Alerting timeout (t) - included in Offered
    • For calls, the agent did not answer within the defined max ringing time 
    • For written requests offered to the agent’s application, the request is not accepted within the defined “Max offer time”
  • Caller hang-up (q or h) - included in Offered
    • The caller hung up while the call to the allocated agent was in set-up or ringing phase. See more details in chapter Results for Conversation events
    • Will not happen for written requests.
  • Error (e) - not included in Offered
    • Error when calling agent
    • Error when sending a written request to the agent’s Puzzel application.
  • Set-up timeout (c) - not included in Offered)
    • When calling the agent, the call setup was not received correctly by the agent’s phone within the max time, so the call did not “ring”
    • When sending a written request to the agent, the agent application did not respond “received and ringing”
  • Answered (k) is of course included in Offered


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