What is Puzzel ID?

What is Puzzel ID?


Puzzel ID brings a powerful new identity and access management solution that works across Puzzel applications, for an even simpler, easier day to day with Puzzel.

Puzzel ID's benefits are many, including:

  • Sign-in with just a Puzzel ID and password
  • Jump from one application to the next in one click
  • Access organisation settings from any application
  • Sync current organisational users and groups directory

With Puzzel ID, the highest level of user’s data security is top of mind, as we continue to draw from industry standards and best practises to address evolving security requirements.

Benefit from more automation, while saving time and effort when using your go-to contact centre solutions – with Puzzel ID.

Once the preparatory steps have been taken, customers looking to onboard onto Puzzel ID can reach out to Puzzel Customer Success (customer.success@puzzel.com) so it can be enabled on their account.


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