Prerequisites for installation

The Exchange Connector has some prerequisites, both on the computer where the connector itself is installed and in your Exchange organization.

The server

The server running the connector must have the following components installed:

  • Microsoft .Net Framework 4.5
  • Windows Installer 3.1 or newer

The Exchange Organization

The Exchange Connector uses Exchange web services. To gain access to the web services the Client Access Server role must be installed in your Exchange organization. The Exchange connector can be installed on the same server as the Client Access Server but it is not a requirement.

The connector have been tested with the following Exchange versions:

  • Exchange Server 2010
  • Exchange Server 2013
  • Exchange Server 2016

Running the installer

All the required files for the Exchange Connector will be provided by the Puzzel Exchange Connector.msi file. When running this file a windows service named Puzzel Exchange Connector will be installed simultaneously as a windows application used to configure the connector. Running the installation as the account that will later be used as the service account should ensure that the connector service have the required rights to all the files, but is not a requirement. The rights can be added later and the files moved if needed.

Double click the .msi file to start the installation. There is an option to choose where the program is to be installed, but otherwise follow the installation wizard to the end.


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