In the navigation bar location there is access to three different overviews:

  • Queue Overview
  • Team Overview
  • Agent Ticker

All the overviews automatically update the data every 15 seconds. However, you can manually update an overview by clicking the refresh icon in the top right corner of the overview. You can also log out of the application from the navigation bar.

Queue Overview

In this overview, you can see data such as the size of the queue, the number of agents available, busy and away, and calls offered and answered. You can click the number of agents in each agent column to get a more detailed overview of who they are, their current status, and time spent in the specific status. In the overview of active agents, you can also see the agent’s phone number, group and profile. When hovering over the number of agents away, you are able to see the number of agents per pause type.

Team Overview

This is similar to the agents away column in the Queue overview. However, here it only displays data for people away in your group.

Agent Ticker

This overview gives you access to your personal Puzzel data such as time logged in, time used per pause type, and call information for each of the queues you have been taking calls from.


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