Puzzel Digital Engagement Portal

This section gives a brief overview of Puzzel Digital Engagement feature and explains common steps to perform as an admin when setting up and configuring the platform. It also entails the activities for other users to perform the role they have been assigned to.


This section is intended for all users of the Digital Engagement platform. Please note that the options in the menu are made available to you based on the role/roles you have within the account. However, the account administrator will have full access to the platform and is responsible for creating users, assigning roles, setting up rules and workflows for better customer engagement.


Puzzel Digital Engagement supports all devices that are running the latest version [and the previous two versions of the web browsers]. No installation is required by the admins to get started with configuring the Puzzel Digital Engagement platform.

For a web site visitor, Puzzel Digital Engagement works on all major browsers e.g., MS Edge, Firefox, Chrome, Opera and Safari. It also works on mobile devices that supports HTML5 and JavaScript.


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