Why Can't I Forward an Email to Another Email Channel Within the Same Puzzel Case Management Solution?

The limitation of forwarding an email to another email channel within the Puzzel Case Management solution is rooted in the design and functionality of the system. A few reasons for this limitation include the below:

  1. Unified Case View: The primary idea behind a case management solution like Puzzel's is to consolidate all pertinent details related to a case in one cohesive ticket. This provides a crystal-clear transparency for any agent who might need to assess the case. By having everything in one ticket, it becomes simpler and more streamlined for agents to trace back history, actions, and conversations related to that particular case.

  2. Avoiding Duplicate Issues: Forwarding an email message within the solution would inadvertently create a duplicate issue. How? The inbound email message's ID would be seen as a duplicate of the outbound message ID in the existing ticket. As a result, the system identifies this as a redundant action and drops the message, meaning no further action gets taken.

  3. Ensuring Message Threading: Message threading, a core function for tracking conversations, operates based on the 'message-id' and 'references' found within the message headers. If you had two active tickets containing identical message IDs, any upcoming inbound messages would face confusion, making it challenging to link them accurately to a single ticket.

However, we understand the need for flexibility and have some recommendations if you wish to create linked cases from an original case:

  1. Parent & Child Tickets: Puzzel Case Management offers a feature known as 'Parent & Child Tickets'. This lets agents generate a fresh ticket from an existing one. The created tickets are then interconnected in the agent's ticket view, enabling them to track the status and dive into child tickets (provided they have the appropriate roles and team assignments). Should the agent need it, their current ticket can also be linked to a Parent ticket. Want to dive deeper? Check this out: Parent & Child Ticket Guide.

  2. Considering Separate Solutions: If there's an imperative need for distinct demarcation between different business segments or divisions, especially if they manage cases in isolation, reaching out to your Puzzel Key account manager could be a good idea. They might recommend having distinct Puzzel Case Management solutions. This would mean distinct business divisions could exchange emails, creating new tickets in their specific systems.

Looking Ahead: We're always committed to refining our features for a better user experience. We have planned a feature enhancement for Q1 2024, aiming to permit forwarding of emails from one channel to another. This change will ensure that both the sent and received emails are displayed in the same ticket. Moreover, the original ticket will be reevaluated based on inbound production rules. It's worth noting that this enhancement will keep everything within the same ticket, so don't anticipate the generation of a new ticket due to this.

We hope this clears up any queries and gives a comprehensive view of the inner workings of the Puzzel Case Management solution.


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