Call variables

It is possible to do external look-ups from Puzzel to a system (e.g. your CRM-system) on behalf of a caller, e.g. to find the customer number based on the caller’s phone number or a value entered using DTMF. If a value retrieved from such a look-up is stored in a variable in Puzzel and copied to raw data (‘xdrcopy’), such values can be stored in a separate table called call_variables in the raw data. It is also possible to store call/system variables not related to external look-up in  raw data. One example is 'caller_on_hold_total', which is the number of seconds a caller was put on hold.

Call variables are also shown in the Admin Portal's Archive.

The call_variables table contains the call_id, timestamp, variable name and variable value. There might be 0, 1 or more records for one call_id, and there might be more than 1 record for one variable name for the same call_id.

Call variables can also be useful for Dialler calls. Examples of what can be included:

  • values stored in one or more of the variables in the list (Var1-Var10)
  • external_id (from the list)
  • call attempt number (1, 2, 3)
  • silent_call (a record with value true when silent call happens)
  • Dialler mode (0=Preview, 1=Preditive, 2=Progressive, 3=Power)
  • SMS text sent to customer after no-answer

If you want to store something as a call_variable and show it in your raw data sql db, please contact Puzzel support to discuss the details and to order the needed service configuration (variable definition and ‘xdrcopy’).


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