Group number / Unblockable agent

An ordinary Puzzel agent represents one person/one answering position, and one request is offered to the agent when the agent is ready.

An Unblockable agent (called Group number in the Puzzle Admin Portal) is used to represent a phone number the Puzzel solution calls to, and behind this Group number there will be more than one person answering and possibly several queue positions in a local PBX. In Puzzel, the customer defines how many “lines” an unblockable agent/Group number represents, and Puzzel sets up calls to an unblockable agent as long as not all “lines” are in use.

An unblockable agent is represented in the Puzzel internal database by one main agent and several secondary agents. There will be one secondary agent per “line” defined for this unblockable agent. The main agent is used to log on/off, and this results in logon/log off of all the group number’s lines (all its secondary agents).

Calls to an unblockable agent (Conversation events) will have a secondary agent’s agent_id in the tables agent_events and call_events. The relationship between secondary agents and the main agent is found in the table agents.


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