Social media requests

Requests with media type Social are treated like chat and email (on ‘secondary’ agents), so that the agent can have multiple social media requests and possibly one phone call at the same time.

A social media request connected to an agent can be deleted by admin (if agent is logged off), and a social media request connected to agent is automatically deleted if it’s not finished after 10 hours connected to the agent.

A social media request will have

  • one pre-initiation event (generated when request arrives in Puzzel platform)
  • one initiation event, queue event(s) and conversation event(s), generated when the session has ended.


The different types of social media requests (aka 'channels') covered by media type Social are:

  • Facebook public posts
  • Facebook private messages
  • Twitter
  • TrustPilot
  • Whatsapp
  • SMS*

* Incoming SMS to an access number/code word that is sent to a queue and answered by agent, so that customer and agent can “chat”/communicate using SMS.


There might be one or more queues with traffic for the different Social media channels, but the Raw data structure is the same for all:

  • Pre-initiation event
  • Initiation event
  • Queue event (for the time the request waited in a queue)
  • Conversation event (with 'speaktime' for the time an agent was connected) 


Transfer to queue

If an agent connected to a social media request transfers to another queue, a new queue event and then a new conversation event is generated.


Transfer to agent

If agent1 gets a social media request from Q1 and then transfers to agent2, this is actually a transfer back to the same queue (Q1) with agent2 as 'reserved agent'. The result is a new queue event (for Q1) and then a new conversation event for agent2 (given that agent2 becomes available during the reserved time).


If the agent the request was transferred to (the reserved agent = agent2) does not become available and/or do not accept the offered request within the reserved time, the request will be sent to any other agent on Q1, e.g. agent3.


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