Predictive/Power/Progressive mode (Call contact first)

With these modes, the Dialler first calls to a contact’s number, and only when a contact has answered, the queue calls a ready agent. For Predictive and Power mode, the Dialler sometimes calls more contacts than ready agents (aka overdial), and if more contacts than expected answer, there might be some silent calls (Puzzel disconnects the contact or contact hangs up before agent is connected). Silent calls might also happen without doing overdial, e.g. if a Ready agent clicks pause/log off, initiates an outbound call or if the agent’s Softphone is unavailable.

The call to the agent results in auto-answer within ~1 second (given that the agent uses Puzzel Softphone).

If a call to a contact does not result in answer, the Dialler will not call an agent, but instead call the contact later if more tries are left.

The typical result codes for calls to contacts (conversation events) for Progressive/Power/ Predictive mode Dialler queues:

result_code Description
k Call to contact is answered (by human or answering machine)
t Alerting (ringing) timeout when calling contact
b The contact’s number is busy (or contact clicks Reject)
c The call to the contact times out during set-up phase
E Error in network or number not in use. 
(result_response = 1 or 404 usually means number not in use)

Silent calls

If a contact answers, and no agent is ready or answers within the defined thresholds, the Dialler will (optionally play a message for the contact and) disconnect the call. This is defined as a “silent call”.

More Silent calls:

A silent call is a call_id with a queue event with a Dialler queue_key and a conversation event with ciq=c (call to contact) and result=k (answered contact), but not containing a conversation event with ciq=a and result=k. (It might be a conversation event with ciq=a and result unlike k in this call_id).

A “call agent first” call_id on a “call contact first” queue?

  • Silent call callback: It is possible to configure that “Silent call callback” should be done. If configured, a contact that experienced a silent call will be called shortly after a silent call, but this new call will be “call agent first” to make sure a live agent is on the line before calling the contact this time.
  • Rescheduling: If an agent reschedules a call (on a predictive (call contact first) queue), the future call to this contact will be “call agent first”!


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