Call and Agent Detailed Records

Puzzel establishes an SQL database for each customer. This database contains the Puzzel Contact Centre Raw data (Call and Agent Detailed Records) for the customer’s solution(s).

Records for calls/chats etc (aka sessions and requests) and agent activities (log on/log off/pause) arrive in the database continuously, normally within a delay of maximum 5 minutes after the session or activity ended.

The database is located in Puzzel’s hosting environment and is operated by Puzzel, and the customer can access the database over a secure connection over internet. The database is based on Microsoft SQL Server, which the customer is given read access to.


Caller, Request, Queue and Agent

When a caller dials a phone number to a Puzzel solution (an access number), the call (aka a request) is routed through the different modules in the Puzzel service logic, e.g. a menu and a queue.

The queue finds an available agent and calls to the agent (on behalf of the request). If this agent does not answer, the queue finds another agent to call. If the agent answers, the caller and the agent 'legs' are joined. Some agents can answer one queue only, while other agents can answer several queues.

In addition to phone calls, the media types email, social media and chat can be handled in Puzzel. Any written request with an URI can be queued as media type email in Puzzel. Request is often used as a term for both calls and written requests (chat, email…) in queue.


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