Puzzel ID: A step-by-step guide

The way users sign into the Puzzel Contact Centre applications is changing. A simplified identity and access management process will soon make for an even better experience with the Puzzel platform.

In this article, you will find a roadmap of the changes you can expect as Puzzel prepares for Puzzel ID.

In order to sign in with Puzzel ID, your company’s users will first need to be synchronised to Puzzel ID. You will be able to see that a user is synched when the Puzzel ID field in the Users tab on the Puzzel Admin Portal will show a small syncing icon to the left. 

If you have further questions on the synching process, please reach out to Puzzel Support for more. 

What actions do administrators need to take?

We would like to invite Puzzel Contact Centre Admin Portal users to review the Puzzel ID fields set. This field will be populated by default with the registered email address.  

Administrators can edit the Puzzel IDs for their users by following the steps below: 

  • Sign into the Admin Portal 

  • Select Users from the main navigation 

  • Click on Users from the menu  

  • Select the name of the user 

  • Edit the Email address field to reflect the email you want to use AND tick the "Puzzel ID equals to Email" box

  • OR alternatively if the user's email will be different to the Puzzel ID used for the account, edit the Puzzel ID field directly 

  • Click Save User 

Taking these steps will help prevent future sign in issues and ensure a smooth transition into a new system use.  

In addition to the above, it is suggested that Admin Portal users review the configurations for wallboard, API and chat bot users. 

Administrators are invited to change the user type from Person to API/Wallboard/Chat bot in the Admin Portal, following the same instructions as listed above for editing the Puzzel ID field.  

 Changes mapped out for the near future

  • Puzzel Contact Centre users will need new URLs to sign in with Puzzel ID.

  • The use of the new URLs will be accompanied by a new sign in process. The customer number, email and password combination will instead become Puzzel ID (the email address in the Puzzel ID field configured through the Puzzel Admin Portal) and password.

  • The first time users sign in with Puzzel ID they will be required to create a new password.

  • There are pending changes to User Management through the Puzzel Admin Portal, for which we will be keeping users updated as they are rolled out.

Instructions will follow on how to configure SSO and 2FA using Puzzel ID.

Changes to the Admin Portal

  • A new Puzzel ID field has been added to the Edit User section within the Puzzel Admin Portal

  • A checkbox to allow you to indicate that “Puzzel ID equal to Email Address” has also been added to the Puzzel Admin Portal. This is ticked by default, but administrators have the option to untick and edit the Puzzel ID field.

  • A Puzzel ID column has been added to the Users table in the Puzzel Admin Portal.


The option for agents to edit their own information (name, email or mobile number) directly on the Puzzel Agent Application has been automatically removed (please refer to the relevant release notes).  


02/06/2023 - 11:03

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