Understanding Email Threading in Puzzel Case Management

What logic does Puzzel Case Management use for threading email messages?

A. Puzzel Case Management uses a comprehensive method to ensure that email messages are correctly threaded into tickets. This not only helps in organising communications but also ensures agents and users can seamlessly track and follow conversations. The platform threads messages based on the following logic:

1. Ticket Reference in the Subject:

When an incoming email has a subject line containing a specific format like 'TID XXXXXX', the platform recognises it as a reference to a ticket. Here, 'XXXXXX' stands for a ticket reference number, and this number must be greater than or equal to 100,000.

For example: If an email has the subject "TID 123456 - Query about my order", and there's a ticket with the reference number 123456 in the system, the new email will be threaded to that particular ticket.

2. Using Email Headers for Threading:

Emails come with various headers that carry meta-information about them. Two of these headers - 'references' and 'in-reply-to' - can be especially useful for threading.

If an incoming email has a 'message-id' that matches with 'references' or 'in-reply-to' headers of a previous message already in the system, Puzzel Case Management will thread this new email into the ticket containing the referenced message.

For instance: If John sent an email, and Jane replied to that email, Jane's reply would have a 'in-reply-to' header that references the 'message-id' of John's original email. The system recognises this relationship and threads the emails accordingly.

3. Consolidation of Emails from the Same Source:

For teams or businesses that deal with frequent emails from the same sources, it's practical to have these threaded into a single ticket for clarity and ease of management.

If the 'Consolidate emails from the same source into single unassigned ticket' option is enabled in channel settings, the platform behaves in a specific way:

When a new email arrives from a particular source (say, an email address), and there's already an 'Open' ticket from that same source, Puzzel will add this new message to the existing ticket, consolidating the conversation.

To illustrate: If a customer, Alex, sends multiple emails from the same email address, and there's already an open ticket from Alex, all his subsequent emails will be consolidated into that open ticket until the status is updated.


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