Puzzel Case Management[Ticketing] Admin Guide

This section describes the role and responsibilities of an administrator in Puzzel Case Management. Administrators are essentially agents with additional privileges of managing and customizing Puzzel Case Management for a tenant. If you are an admin, you can be assigned tickets like any other agent, but will also be the default settings allow:

  • Access all tickets (not just the tickets you are assigned to)
  • Create/edit new business rules
  • Add and manage end-users, agents, teams and administrators
  • Promote agents to the administrator role
  • Define system and team roles
  • Create customer contact information
  • Create/edit standard reports
  • Build customized reports

Please note that default permissions can be changed for all User types to provide the control necessary in a specific organisation.


Puzzel Case Management requires an email account, to which emails are received and then these are forwarded to the application. If you are using social channels, you must have set up accounts with the providers and then configured these in the application. DNS records must be updated for Puzzel Case Management to send emails as if from your domain.

Browser requirements:

  • Google Chrome v. 19 and higher
  • Mozilla Firefox v. 10 and higher
  • Microsoft Internet Explorer 7 and higher

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