Customer Hub

Puzzel Customer Hub is a new feature of Case Management, offering your customers a unique space where they can review support interactions, log new enquiries and check status updates.

Customer support requests sent via email can often feel disorganised for customers, who have communication spread across inboxes or with multiple subjects from multiple sources. This friction can add to the frustration in their support journey, reduce efficiency and hurt a company’s efforts to personalise the experience.

Customer Hub helps you improve your customers’ experience of email support by ridding them of the headache of disorganised email threads and the frustration of not knowing the status of their case. Customer Hub gives your customers more control and visibility over their cases that increases the level of trust in your brand and their loyalty.

It offers a dedicated space where your customers can review their support requests – including all relevant updates – and act on them right then and there. Tailored forms increase efficiency in the process, and the hub’s white labelling capability means your brand is uniquely placed across interactions.

With a Customer Hub dedicated to their support interactions, customers are at the heart of your support strategy. The customer support journey is infused with independence and personalisation, as customers have one destination to check all information relating to their requests. The log in process doesn’t require credentials, for added convenience and less friction. One more touchpoint, tailored to the customer and with strong branding, makes the support experience a seamless one – while strengthening brand presence.


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