Agent Assist is an integrated widget within the New Agent Application which facilitates the contact centre agents answer customer queries coming through from various channels more effectively. Currently Puzzel provides Agent Assist feature for queries coming from web chat, incoming phone call, SMS and email channels only.

To be able to expertly resolve the issues, Agent Assist guides the agents by displaying all the customer information in one place so that the agent can relate them to provide the most definitive solution.

There are two key components that come as a default with the Agent Assist:

  1. Contact Card
  2. Interaction History

There are further three components that come as a subscribed addon with the Agent Assist:

  1. Transcription with Natural Language Understanding and unsigned sensitive data in the chat history
  2. Chatbot suggestions
  3. Knowledgebase suggestions
Automatic suggestions is only available in the Interaction Analytics package and on the Chat channel.

The base components form the basis of Agent Assist whereas the addon components extend the capability and usefulness by adding more functionality with the purpose of making you empowered in serving the customers more efficiently..


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