Puzzel Administration Portal

Puzzel is a flexible customer contact and switchboard solution based on cloud technology. It is a multi-channel solution which handles telephone, chat, e-mail, SMS and social networks requests.

Puzzel Administration Portal gives administrators and supervisors the tool they need to gain better control of their day-to-day operations.

In Puzzel Administration Portal you can:

  • Access detailed historical statistics reports
  • Define and build customised reports and wallboards
  • Monitor contact centre activity in real-time
  • Change agent profiles and provision new agents instantly
  • Set opening hours and holiday routing
  • Manage audio and IVR catalogue
  • Configure queue parameters
  • Do Silent Monitoring on agents
  • Find and analyse calls/recordings/chats/emails in the Archive
  • Manage outbound Dialler campaigns
  • See and maintain your service configuration(s) in Call Flow Tool
  • Configure tabs and widgets for the Agent application
  • Configure/connect Social media accounts/pages to Puzzel
  • Configure settings for web-chat to be used on your web pages
  • Manage Agent Assist contact list and Knowledgebase
In this section, most of the available functionality in Puzzel Administration Portal is described. Your company has customised access to the system and may not have access to every function described.

Puzzel Administration Portal is web-based and requires a PC with internet access and a web browser.

Details on supported browsers can be found in Puzzel Contact Centre - Basic requirements section.

Puzzel Administration Portals main features are available on tablets, for example iPads.

In addition, a Puzzel App is available in Google Play and in Apple's App Store.


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