Creating an Automatic Reply

Using ticket rules and templates, it is possible to set up an autoreply system within Puzzel Ticketing. To create an auto response system, or a simple autoreply message, you use the same steps and methods.

First, make a new template. Settings > Productivity > Templates

Give your template a name and description so that you can quickly identify it. You can also assign the template to specific teams, or simply to all of them. You need to Save to continue to the text page. You can now key in the required message you want to auto respond in the template body box. You are allowed to include images and attachments to the response.

Auto replies are set from the New Ticket Rule section.

There is also the placeholder tool. Placeholders allow you to have specific information automatically populated into the message such as, Customer Name, Ticket Number and more. This allows you to send specific and personalised messages that are completed automatically.


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