Creating a ticket

To create a ticket, you need to :

  1. Click the green + New ticket  button at the top right corner of your screen to create a new ticket.
  1. Enter the subject of the ticket and select the Team/Teams you want to assign the ticket to and click on Save.
  1. This opens a new window to enter more details about the ticket. Once you are done click on Start conversation button and choose a channel (ex: email) to open text editor.
  1.  Enter the ticket details in the text editor and choose the option for sending the ticket to the system. There are three options as listed below:
    • Send means the status will be Resolved
    • Send as pending means the status is Pending
    • Send as On-Hold means the status is On-Hold
  2.  Now you can see your ticket has been created and email has been sent.


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