Puzzel Quality Assurance

Puzzel Quality Assurance automates part of the Quality Assurance process to make sure customers receive the right information when they get in touch with your organisation. The robust framework collects, analyses, and provides insight into customer interactions, from both calls and chat sessions, to help evaluators identify, focus, and take actions on interactions that matter the most. This ensures positive impact on agents which leads to greater customer satisfaction.

Puzzel QA facilitates in designing and building scorecards to suit your organisation needs and also helps you define workflows and actionable insights to monitor quality of the conversations. You can also create performance reports and export them if needed.

Puzzel QA also offers two Add-ons to enhance your evaluation process.

  1. Calibration and Automation:  Calibrations are a great way of determining if the evaluators are grading the interactions on the same curve. This aids in standardising the evaluation process and assess the interactions fairly. Automation helps in configuring contact types, agent, and evaluator quotas for generating and tracking QA team workload.
  2. Coaching and 1-to-1: Schedule and facilitate 1-to-1 interactive coaching and track progress, all in one place.


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