Troubleshoot Softphone audio issues

This article is only applicable for those having audio issues such as one way speech or bad call quality when using softphone. If you experience other connection issues such as busy, offline or logon errors please read the Softphone Basic Information article. Please check information under the heading Increasing debug level and sending log files to Puzzel on how to send logs.

If you experience one way speech or other bad call quality issues, first go though the Softphone section in our Basic Requirement document. It might be that some required settings in your network are causing the issues.

If you have confirmed that your settings are done correct Puzzel Support can assist with the troubleshooting.
When contacting us we would appreciate if you can collect some additional logs.

  1. Please ask the affected agents to open a new Google Chrome tab and enter the following address: chrome://webrtc-internals/. Preferably beside the Puzzel Agent web page. The chrome://webrtc-internals is an internal Google Chrome tab that holds statistics about ongoing Softphone calls.
  2. In the "Read Stats From" dropdown menu please choose the Legacy Non-Standard API option:
  3. Wait for the next call where you experience audio issues.
  4. When the call with bad audio has ended please click "Create Dump" and you will see a new button appear on the screen:
  5. Please press Download the PeerConnection updates and stats data. Make sure that the active tab is the one marked in this next picture. If you had several calls the last call will be the tab to the far right:
  6. After pushing the Download the PeerConnection updates and stats data button a file with the name webrtc_internals_dump.txt will appear in your download folder on your computer. Please transfer this file to Puzzels Help Center in an existing ticket or when raising a new one.
Because of the Chrome settings the agent has limited time to fetch this data for us.

For more details on troubleshooting the Softphone sound quality issues, watch the video 


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