Puzzel as a Accessibility and Universal Design compliant solution (WCAG)

Puzzel appreciates the importance of universal design, and the need of being compliant with the existing Web Content Accessibility Guidelines (WCAG). Among others, WCAG relate to the following web site areas:

  • Web Page Structure
  • Keyboard navigation
  • Keyboard Shortcuts
  • WAI-ARIA (code convention relevant for screen readers like JAWS)
  • Color Contrast

We aim to comply with relevant guidelines according to the WCAG 2.1 AA standard, and currently we have several customers with visually impaired agents. To understand and support the principles of universal design and WCAG better, we have collaborated with an external consultancy company, MediaLT. MediaLT have good expertise in this area and help us interpret how the standards and guidelines are expected to work for the visually impaired, using additional screen reader software and braille translators.

We are continuously improving our support for WCAG based on feedback from customers who use screen readers, and MediaLT. New functionality is usually tested and approved by MediaLT before released in production.

We are first of all WCAG-compliant on the agent- and EUWA-chat application. The Administration Portal and Mobile APP are currently not WCAG compliant.

Also, note that Puzzel do not offer consultancy for specific screen readers like JAWS, and support for these are not part of Puzzel's offering. In short, Puzzel support WCAG, which again is used by different screen readers. You must purchase and technically support screen reader solutions like JAWS your selves. For guidance on usage and best practice of screen readers, please contact third party consultancy companies with competence in the screen reader software you are interested in, or that you have purchased.  


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