Can I receive calls and written requests at the same time?

The basics around the concurrent requests algorithm

We are often asked if it is possible to receive both calls and "written requests" at the same time. With written request, we mean chats, e-mails or social requests. Basically, the answer is yes, but there are some "if's and but's":

The example below requires that the property "Allow mulitple e-mail" is turned ON, as it default is.

The short version is that you can receive a phone call while you are handling written requests, but you can not receive written requests while you are in a phone call. More precisely...

  • When the agent is in a phone call (Connected), the agent is not offered any new written requests.
  • When the agent has one or more active written requests, a phone call can be offered to the agent if the agents status is "Ready"(meaning that it's not blocked due to too many written requests).

Worth Mentioning:

Agents can receive up to eight concurrent written requests. The maximum amount of written requests is defined by the administrator in the management portal under Users -> Products -> Chat, and can be set separately on each agent if necessary. This property is called "Max X written requests and Block phone if > Y written requests", by the way.

However, the agents can be given access to within the maximum amount, adjust the number of concurrent written requests for themselves, in the agents user interface (through a menu in the top right corner of the "Dialogs" window).

To contain managebility, an administrator can also define a limit on how many concurrent written requests an agent can have before his phone is "blocked". When the agents phone is blocked he or she can make an outbound call, but not receive an incomming call. As an example you can say that an agent cant receive a phone call as long as he or she already is engaged in 4 written requests.


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