Bot/virtual assistant framework is provided by Puzzel’s partner It is integrated to Puzzel Contact Centre through the “Bot gateway” module. There are three different package alternatives reflected in the pricing:

What you get Starter Standard Enterprise
Intent packages


General questions & internal support General questions & internal support Pre-trained domain knowledge*
Direct messaging channels Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited
Language support English + 1 Unlimited Unlimited
Online certification x x x
Automatic Semantic Understanding (ASU) x x x
Audit log   x x
Multi-agent functionality   x x
Tiered access   x x
QA staging environment   x x
Virtual private cloud environment   x x
On-premise hosting**     x
Security API (operation centre)     x
24/7 critical support     x

*Available for banking, insurance, telco.

** Additional cost for setup and maintenance

There is a monthly subscription fee for this service, in addition to a price per conversation.


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