Call events result codes

The different values for result_code for call events can also be found in table call_result_codes

Results for Queue events

Different values for result_code used for Queue events (event_type=q):

Result Description
a The caller left the queue after having dialled the defined interrupt digit (abort).
b Fallback-exit used.
c Cancel. Admin removed the call from queue (or consult to queue aborted by agent)
d Deleted. The (email/social/phone callback) request was deleted from queue by admin. Or an agent has cancelled a callout before he/she answers the phone.
e Error. The call (request) exited the queue due to an error.
f Full. The caller tried to enter the queue but was denied access since the queue was full. (The max number of callers in queue is defined by the customer)
h The caller hung up while waiting in queue, or the chatter closed the chat before agent accepted.
k OK. The call (chat/email/social) waited in queue and was answered (accepted) by an agent
m Moved. The email request was moved to another queue
q The caller ordered Callback in Queue.
s Reject/Empty. The caller was denied access to the queue since the number of logged on agents were 0 (or too low)
t The caller exited the queue after having waited the max allowed time in this queue (time-out).
? Unknown (Something probably went wrong)

Results for Menu events

Different values for result_code used for Menu events (event_type=m)

Result Description
d The caller (dialled illegal digit(s) and) used the default exit
e Error. Something went wrong.
h The caller hung up in the menu.
k OK. The caller dialled legal digit(s) in the menu
m Max number of tries exceeded, and the call used the defined Max-tries exit (if defined).
n No match for the DTMF used
t The caller did not make any selection within the defined time limit (time-out), and used the defined Time-out exit

Results for Conversation events

Different values for result_code used for Conversation events (event_type=c)

Result Description

For phone: The call resulted is busy before alerting (usually due to SIP response=486 or 600 or ISUP release code=17), or the agent clicked on the red Puzzel softphone hang up/reject button in Puzzel agent application while the call was ringing.

For email/chat/social: The agent clicked “Reject” when a chat/email/social was offered in the Puzzel Agent application.

Set-up timeout.

- The call timed out during call set-up

- The chat/email/social request timed out while trying to find the agent’s Puzzel client
e The call failed/error from network, e.g. Invalid number format (ISUP 28), Unallocated number (ISUP 1), congestion/error in network

The caller hung up while this call to agent was in alerting phase.

(or, an agent using an external phone “Declined” an offered call)

k OK. The call was answered / The written request was accepted by an agent
q The caller hung up while this call to the agent was in set-up phase (before ringing on agent’s phone)

Time-out (No answer).

- The call was not answered within the predefined max ringing time (in Puzzel).

- The chat/email/social request timed out while waiting for the agent to accept it
? Unknown. Something went wrong

* See Agent rejecting a call

Agent rejecting an offered call
  • If agent is using Puzzel softphone and is rejecting an offered (ringing) call by clicking the red hang-up/reject button in, the conversation event will get result = b (busy).
  • If agent is logged on to queue with an external phone number (instead of Puzzel softphone), and the agent is rejecting an offered call by clicking the black Decline button in, the conversation event will get result = h (hang-up). In this case, the call is not ended, so the queue event continues, and the next agent that is offered the call might answer.
  • If agent is logged on to queue with an external phone number and is rejecting an offered call by clicking No/Reject on his external phone, the conversation event will usually get result = b (busy).
About Conversation event result Busy in statistics

If a chat/email/social request is sent to agent and the agent clicks Reject, the conversation event will have result_code = b. In Puzzel agent statistics prior to April 2019, conversation events with result=b for phone was not counted as “offered to agent”, but result=b was counted as offered for chat/email/social. After April 2019 conversation events for phone with result_code=b is counted as “offered to agent” in Puzzel standard statistics. This change was communicated in the Puzzel release notes for the April 2019 release.

Extra information for calls (result_response)

In addition to the result_code, we also have a column called result_response (from db v1.6) showing the signalling response code Puzzel received from the network for a phone call. Please note that the value might be an ISUP cause code (usually 1-2 digits) or a SIP response code (3 digits). In the future, there will only be SIP responses in this column.

The main purpose with this column is to give more information for calls with result_code=e (error). The 2 main types of error are:

  • phone number not in use (ISUP cause 1 or SIP response 404)
  • error in network

It might be interesting to look for Dialler calls (conversation events) with result_code = e and result_response = 1 or 404. If you find several conversation events with the same destination number and result_code=e and result_response 1 or 404, this phone number should be corrected in the source system the Dialler lists are generated from.

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