Intelligent Dialler Modes

Puzzel Sales Intelligence offers four dialler modes that adapt to varying business needs, creating automated connections to make agents’ life easier, improve their productivity and engage more customers.  

Agents spend valuable time looking up phone numbers and understanding which number they need to call next. This manual dialling process is significantly time consuming, considering time spent listening to busy tones or waiting for customers to pick up. Human error also factors in, with agents potentially missing numbers or dialling the wrong one.  

Time is taken away from valuable customer conversations, while increased frustration on the agent side impacts the customer experience.   

The Power Dialler automatically dials a new number when a call is completed, freeing valuable agent time and improving the agent experience through automated workflows.  

The Progressive Dialler allows for automation in the dialling process, while leaving the speed up to you to configure. 

Not controlling the speed at which calls are processed can lead to more stress for agents, who are called to deal with challenging conversations often unprepared, without sufficient customer context.  

Manually configuring the speed means you have control over the time your agents have to prepare, so conversations can be as impactful as needed and agents are empowered to take the time they need to contextualise and personalise the conversation. This is especially beneficial for complex products where agents need time to reframe the discussion for each call.  

This can especially impact outcomes related to complex sales situations and complex products. 

The Predictive Dialler adds another layer of automation to auto dialling, minimising downtime between calls and allowing time for agents to review contextual information.  

Often, it’s a challenge finding ways to prioritise customer experiences when dealing with complex products. This is especially the case when considering agent time in reviewing customer information while keeping the benefits of automation in dialling workflows. 

The predictive dialler can predict availability and autodials the next number on the list, to have new customers on the phone ready with minimal downtime between calls. Together with Sales Intelligence sales desktop agents have all the customer information available on their screen as soon as they are connected to a customer 

The result is that agents spend more time dealing with customers. 

The Smart Dialler builds on automatic dialling process and their benefits, with skill-based routing.  

For teams with multiple agent skillsets, automating dialling workflows often creates challenges in routing conversations to the most well-suited agent. This hinders efficiency for conversations, with customers not getting the maximum value from these conversations and agents not reaching their full potential.  

With the Smart Dialler, the most suitable agent is used for each scenario, driving the impact of the conversation and the value offered to customers.  

Puzzel Sales Intelligence offers a host of dialler modes to address varying business teams – while ensuring an improved agent experience, increased efficiency and better conversations for great customer experiences! 


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