The status button shows the status you have right now, and can be one of these:

Agent Status Description
Ready  You are logged in and ready to receive requests.
Connecting  Puzzel has sent you a phone request but you have not yet accepted it.
Connected  You have accepted a phone request and are in a conversation.
Wrap-up  Puzzel changes your status to Wrap-up for X seconds (configurable) after you have ended a call. You can change your status to Ready whenever you want.

If your phone gives out a busy tone (you are on an outgoing call/ someone called you one your direct phone) or you have rejected a request (email, social media etc.) your status will change to Busy. You will have this status for x seconds (customizable - normally set to 0-30 seconds) and then your status will automatically change to "Ready".

Your status will also change to "Busy" if you have reached the limit on how many chats you can answer simultaneously.

No answer  If you do not answer a request from a Puzzel queue or an agent before X seconds (configured by your administrator) your status will automatically change to No answer. You have this status for X seconds (normally 1-30).
Pause  Agent is logged on, but is in pause (with or without a pause reason).

It is only when in Ready status you can receive phone requests from the queues you are logged on to.

If you need a break while logged in, choose the "Pause" status or one of the pause reasons (optional). When in pause, you are not offered any calls or written requests.

Status for written requests

Since the statuses Connecting, Connected, Wrap-up and No answer do not apply to written requests (chat, e-mail, and social), you can receive them based on your (separate) settings for written requests. The number in parentheses in the status button shows how many written requests you currently are engaged in.

Your status will change to "Busy" if you have reached the limit on how many written requests you can simultaneously be engaged in.


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