Adding attachments to tickets

Agents can include file attachments in the ticket comments.  The attachments can be sent to customers in two formats as stated below:

  • As an attached file size less than 40mb
  • As a downloadable link if the file size is going to be more than 40mb

Admins can decide the behaviour of the attachment files by gauging the file size they are going to use within their organisation. Please bear in mind that it is going to be one or the other and not both. If the first method is chosen, then you might receive error messages if files more than 40mb are being sent in reply to a customer query.

To attach a file to a ticket, you need to

  1. Open the ticket and click on reply to open the editor.
  2. Click on the paperclip icon and select the file you want to attach
  3. Click Done to see the file attached and hit send.

Please note that in the agent view the file will always appear as an attached file even when your organisation has chosen the attachment to be a downloadable link. However, the recipient will see the file as downloadable link.


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