Adding attributes to the ticket

Ticket attributes are a set of information that describes a ticket. Regardless of how the ticket was created[automatic/manual], the attributes can still be changed to reflect the current status.

Each ticket can be assigned with a number of attributes which are easily editable by the agents. Depending on what attributes are allowed by your admin, you will be able to see and change the attribute values for the tickets. Some of the key attributes are:

  • Organisation : Organisation related to a ticket
  • Team: The team that needs to deal with the ticket
  • Tags: Specific way in which the ticket or query has been named
  • Assigned to: The agent assigned to for dealing with the query
  • Post it note: Notes that agent can leave to himself or others about the ticket
  • Priority: Urgency in which the ticket needs to be dealt with - Lowest, Low, normal, high, highest
  • Status: Current status of a ticket : Open, pending, on hold, resolved.

You can click on the box for each of the attributes to see a drop-down list of options available. Select the appropriate one and save the changes.


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