Agent Assist basics is available as standard which provides the details in a customer contact card and also provides a list of interactions from the customer.

The advanced AI powered Agent assist is a progressive segment of the feature that provides additional components for a more enriching experience.

Please note that Real Time Voice Interaction Analytics is NOT included as a default. You can subscribe to this service as an addon to your existing package.

Interaction Analytics

In addition to the basic features, this also allows the voice and chat transcripts to be viewed as anonymised transcripts, that has been enriched with NLU keyword/Phrase tagging. This can either be manually searched for responding to a customer query. Also, with this you get the sentiment analysis indicator to gauge the customer mood.  

with Knowledgebase

In addition to the basic features, this allows the knowledge articles or FAQ’s to be created and maintained for it to be manually searched by the agents while responding to a customer query. Automatic suggestions from the Knowledgebase can also be made available if subscribed to the Interaction Analytics package.

with Bot

In addition to the basic features, this allows integration with any supported bot framework for automatically extracting suggestions related to the customer query. The agent can also do a manual search for suggestions.

For more details on Agent Assist, download the product sheet here:


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