Knowledgebase is a self-service library of internal information which can be expertly used to deliver value to the customer. This acts as an integral resource of quality information, helping you to gather, organise and evaluate the use of it so that your company can deliver striking customer service.

Puzzel Knowledgebase is designed to be easy to search for information or automatically suggested to the agents by the AI powered engine before being relayed to the customer.

The Puzzel Knowledgebase management system helps the admins to create/edit/delete articles and categorise them to be effectively analysed and served to the agents while answering the customer queries. Agents can suggest articles to the admins through the agent application interface. Agents can also casually flip through the articles in the Knowledgebase using our Knowledgebase Widget.

For more information on Puzzel Knowledgebase, please read the following articles:


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