Puzzel's Voice Bot is an Intelligent Virtual Assistant [IVA] that understands human speech and can extract meaningful intents as well as sentiments during a phone conversation and uses synthesised voice to respond to the queries.  It can be programmed to respond to a wide range of queries in a personalised, engaging, and human-like support to achieve faster resolution times. The Puzzel Voice Bot can be used for routing a caller to an appropriate queue without the need for complex IVR menu options.

The Voice Bot transcribes the caller’s speech in real-time and analyses the text for keywords and sentiments. It also identifies certain types of Personally Identifiable Information such as names, locations, and other sensitive information such as social security numbers etc, which can be used for the purposes of routing or used to lookup information from an external source such as a CRM. The Voice Bot can be designed to handle simple queries by replying to the caller using synthesised speech or gracefully transferred to a human agent for any complex issues. During the transfer to the agent all the necessary details gathered during the automated call will be presented to the agent in the call transfer widget so that the customer doesn’t have to repeat himself.

Advantages of Puzzel Voice bot:

  • Allows automation of mundane requests and call routing
  • Uses text analytics to extract meaningful intents and sentiment
  • Real time transcription support for more than 85 languages
  • Provides faster resolution to customers
  • In addition, build IVA for your voice channel using your own bot via Bot Gateway 

To know more, download the Voice Bot product sheet here: 



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