Puzzel's Digital Engagement tool provides an effective way of understanding your customer's digital journey and proactively converse with them to provide solutions or direct them to a human agent for an enhanced support. Our Intelligent Chatbot is capable of understanding user intent and start a relevant dynamic conversation with the user to provide a satisfying resolution. With our Proactive Rule Engine, you can also create triggers to engage web visitors with the right offer, at the right time, to boost your sales.

While on the call, chat or social media, customers can share their browser pages and turn the video on for a personalised customer support and seek assistance on a webpage or for filling out forms. These tools will empower your agents to aid your end customers in solving complex queries in a live environment with personalised guidance.

Puzzel Digital Engagement comes fully integrated with Puzzel Contact Centre solution or can be sold as a stand alone feature.

Intelligent Chatbot

Puzzel's intelligent chatbot can gauge a user's intent and proactively start a conversation by asking related common questions and dynamically providing a response to it. It can be treated as a first line support for resolving simple mundane queries saving agent's time for resolving more complex issues. If the query needs human intervention it can seamlessly be transferred to a human agent with a full interaction history so that they are up to speed. Intelligent Chatbot comes with a Bot Trainer with an easy to use UI that allows you to create conversational flows and train the bot to understand user intent.

Live Share

Puzzel's Live Share provides agents a visual engagement capability fully integrated in the Puzzel Agent Application. This empowers the agents to assist their customers in their digital journey through a video call for a more satisfying and empathetic user experience similar to an in-store presence. Furthermore, the customer can share their browser with the agent by using Co-Browsing technology. Sensitive data like user id, password, or credit card details on the web page can be masked from the agent to be in-line with the security compliance regulations.

Whilst seeing the same browser page as the end customer, the agent can highlight areas of interest on the page to help the end customer focus and help them fill web forms, find a product of interest, or in other ways assist the end customer on your website. When the customer moves to another screen it is refreshed at the agent side as well so that the agent can follow the customer through his journey. This facilitates an agent to provide an effective service, first time round.

The co-browsing and video feature can be initiated on a voice call, chat conversation and social channels and require no software downloads at either end. Puzzel provides all services including setup which enables the customers with the right script for their web pages.

Screen Share

This module provides Co-browsing capability only. The customers can share their browser pages securely with the agent to seek assistance. By using Puzzel's Screen Share capabilities, the agents can effectively provide support and improve customer experience. It helps in building customer loyalty and meet their business metrics.

Co-browsing is seamlessly integrated into Puzzel Agent Application and the agents can use this feature where necessary to assist the customers fill their forms by highlighting areas of interest or guiding them through their purchase. Screen Share requires no software download at either end or complicated setups. Puzzel provides a seamlessly integrated user experience for an unmatched customer service.

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