When the customer requires bespoke or custom reporting outside of the historical reports available as standard, Puzzel's Raw data solution provides access to call event and request records extracted directly from Puzzel's database. This data is then made available in a separate SQL databased placed in Puzzel's environment that only the relevant company has access to via SSL.

The call/request records are made available shortly after each request has ended, which is normally 5-10 minutes after the event/call/session ended.

Customers with database management expertise can make use of this data in producing bespoke reports, or directly in e.g. external BI systems.

It should be noted that Puzzel does not include support for how to write SQL queries in the Raw data product, and Puzzel’s Support department cannot assist with customer-created SQL queries.  Puzzel only provide the Raw Data for customers to manipulate for their own reporting requirements.

Read this article for more details on Raw data.

1) Initial Raw data training is compulsory
2) We only provide Raw data starting from the1st of the month in which the Raw data was ordered.


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