Puzzel case Management is a Case/Ticket management tool that provides your contact centre or helpdesk with the ability to manage written interactions in a secure and efficient way.  Each e-mail in the queue is converted into a support ticket and assigned a unique case/ticket ID which is then filtered, categorised and distributed to the right team or agent. On receiving interactions, it is possible to send an auto reply with a predefined template to the sender confirming reception of the email. Furthermore, the tickets can be tagged to help segregate them based on issues or requests. The agent dashboard will always display a comprehensive view of all communications on a ticket with the sender’s name presented on the timeline. This also helps in distributing follow up emails to the right team or agent.

Tickets can also be created for requests coming through from various social channels like Facebook and Twitter and assigned them to the right team or agent.

Custom reports can be created using the report builder and saved as standard. These reports can be automatically generated at a set time or frequency and emailed directly to you.

Puzzel Case Management is part of the Puzzel suite of customer service application and can be combined with the Puzzel Contact Centre to offer a unified platform for ticketing and case management integrated into the contact centre solution.  This eliminates the siloed way of operating on two disjoint applications and enhances agent productivity by offering agents new customers’ requests in a controlled manner across all channels. You can through business rules define the skills and priority among all channels, and agents can access both applications through one unified agent desktop.

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