Catalog search including Exchange Sync

The Puzzel Catalog is a web-based tool which provides contact directory information for all employees in a company. In essence, it is an internal phone directory, enabling Puzzel agents to find directory information about other employees, such as contact information, addresses, opening hours, and so on.

Directory data can be obtained in the following ways:

  •     Exchange Sync
  •     File import
  •     Web interface

Exchange Sync is a tool which automates data integration between Catalog, Exchange, and Active Directory. When using Exchange Sync, the company can also use the Catalog to synchronise employee calendars. Agents with the right permissions are able to register new appointments and record absences.

For organisations that do not use MS Exchange or Active Directory, the solution can be integrated with the customer directory (such as IBM Notes and other systems) as file imports via FTP. However, this method does not support calendar import.

Finally, the Catalog can be accessed via a web interface for manual adding, editing, and deleting of contacts and contact information.

Presence Hub

The Presence Hub project is an implementation, which allows Puzzel to show real time status on employees' phones, along with Catalog appointment data. Employees must have mobile phone subscriptions adapted to Puzzel's Presence Hub, and integration between the mobile operator and Puzzel needs to be in place.
The system consists of a number of modules, which make its operation possible.

The first module is the Source of Presence. This is typically some sort of API at a mobile operator. This source is also called a Producer.
Another part of the system consists of source and destination Connectors.
In essence, connectors get presence from the source, or forward presence from the database to a consumer of presence.
Some connectors handle both functionalities.

A simplified diagram of the architecture of the Presence Hub is shown below:

Additionally, below you can find a list of existing implementations for the Presence Hub Project, along with their type: 




Atea Connector

Global Source


Connect Agent


Global Destination

Connect Catalog


Global Destination


Global Source


TDC Broadworks

Global Source



Global Source


Telenor DK

Global Source


Telenor NO

Global Source



Global Source


There is also the Database, and an admin interface and web medium for managing Presence.


Voice mail can be set up to cover certain company functions. This feature is not intended for use by individual people in the organisation.

Voice mail can be useful for example outside of normal office hours, when there are no free agents and there is no possibility to queue, or when there is a very long queue.

When a caller has left a message, an e-mail with the audio file is sent as an attachment to a predefined e-mail address. The audio file is in raw waveform format (.wav).

Switchboard Widget

Puzzel offers a Call and Transfer widget which functions similar to a traditional switchboard for searching a contact and transferring a call without having to move away from the request tab. The agents can check the status of the contact and transfer the call if required. Contacts can be searched from various sources and then actioned to be transferred.

Download Switchboard Product Sheet here:


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