Report overview and reporting levels

There are different reports available on different reporting levels.

Reporting LevelReport nameTrafficGroup by time availableMax days in a report
OverviewTotal overviewCallsX 
QueueDetails per queueCallsX 
QueueSimplified queue reportCallsX 
QueueDetails per queue for email and social mediaEmail and SocialX 
QueueDetails per chat queueChatX 
QueueDialler queue reportCallsX 
QueueQueue overview for all media typesAll media typesX 
QueueEnquiry Registrations per QueueAll media types  
AgentDetails for agents (ID) incl. time logged onCallsX 
AgentDetails per agent per queueAll media types 366
AgentDetails per user group per queueAll media types 366
AgentEnquiry Registrations per agent   
AgentLog on/off for agents (ID)  7
AgentSMS sent per agentSMSX 
AgentTime per pause-type  31
OtherEnquiry Registration   
OtherEnquiry Registration Comments  90*
OtherSurvey score per queueCalls and chats 90*
OtherCallback Survey list report **Calls 7*
OtherSurvey list report **Calls and chats 7*
OtherMax./avg./min. agents per status*** X31 (7)

* The start date for this report can be max 90 days earlier than today.
** Max 2000 rows. Please note that if there are >2000 chats/calls with Survey in the chosen time period, adding a row filter to limit the output does not help.
*** For customers with > 500 agents it is very demanding to generate this report, so time periods greater than 7 days (1 week) will not work.


Special features in selected reports

  • Option to Exclude row without queue name is available in reports Details per queue and Queue overview for all media types
  • Option to Include agents without traffic but with logon time is available in reports Details for agents (ID) incl. time logged on, Details per agent per queue and Details per user group per queue.




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