Introduction and Terms and conditions

Puzzel Administration Portal - Statistics is a web-based tool for presenting historical reports for phone calls, web chat, email and social media requests handled in your Puzzel Contact Centre solution. In addition, the agents' time logged on and in different pause types (reasons for not being ready) is reported.

You can obtain relevant statistics as needed on demand. The statistical reports presented via the web page can be downloaded as files (xls, mhtml, etc) and can be opened with a number of applications, e.g. Microsoft Excel. You can also configure report subscriptions, so that reports will be sent to defined email addresses at fixed intervals, e.g. every day, week or month.

In order to log on you need a valid username and a password. After logging on, all Internet traffic between the user and the web server is encrypted (https).

The different report descriptions are available on the web page where you select statistics reports, and Help texts are available on the pages where you customise reports and configure report subscriptions. Statistics is also descirbed in the Puzzel Administration Portal's User Guide.

Terms and conditions / Legal issues

We would like to remind you that there may be issues regarding collecting statistical information which may infringe an individuals right to privacy and the Data Protection Act. Puzzel's general terms and conditions state that:
The Customer's Obligations
From the commencement date, the customer shall:

  • be responsible for obtaining and maintaining any necessary licenses, permits or clearances required to provide the Customer Services in any jurisdiction; and
  • comply with all national or international laws, regulations or provisions relevant for the performance of this agreement, in particular with respect to its contractual and consumer relationships with End-Users.

It is very important that reports that provide information about individual agents are not distributed to individuals who are not permitted to read such reports.


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