Why different numbers on different reporting levels?

There will be different number of calls on different reporting levels due to several reasons, e.g. incoming calls when the contact centre is closed, callers hanging up in queue, overflow between queues, call transfer to other agents/queues and calls to agents that are engaged or do not answer.

Main reporting principles:

  • At an Overview level, one incoming call counts only once independently of the number of agents attempted and whether call transfer has taken place or not.
  • At Queue level, one incoming call counts once for each time it is routed through a queue module. One incoming call might be routed through none, one or more queue modules.
  • At the Agent level, one incoming call counts once for each time the call is sent/offered to an agent. Example: If an agent fails to answer a call from queue within the allowed time and the call is offered to another agent that answers, the call will be counted as a missed call for the first agent and as an answered call for the second agent.

If most of the incoming calls are answered by agent, there will usually be more calls offered and answered at Agent level than at Overview level because not all agents answer and because agents makes consult calls and transfer calls. If lots of callers hang up in queue, there may be more incoming calls at the Overview and Queue level than calls offered at Agent level. If lots of customers call in when it's closed, there may be more incoming calls at the Overview level than at Queue/Agent level.


Emails in Puzzel Contact Centre statistic vs Tickets in Puzzel Case Management

In report Details per queue for email and social media we show emails per queue, and in Details per agent per queue we show (per agent) the number of emails an agent answered/handled. The number of emails in these reports does not correspond with the number of Tickets in Case Management, and the reason for this is that one Ticket will result in one or several emails in queue, and that email requests in queues might be deleted/added based on actions in Case Management. Please see more details here.


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