About Puzzel network routing services

Puzzel network routing services are services that do not have Puzzel Contact Center agents. Puzzel network routing services can set up incoming calls to any terminating number, for example a group number in a PBX, as defined in the service specification, based on modules such as time routing, menu, load balancing etc. In Puzzel network routing services, the agents do not log on to the Puzzel Contact Center, instead the agents log on to another ACD/call center system in a PBX.

If there are agents available or the PBX has capacity to queue, the PBX will answer the incoming calls from Puzzel and give the caller queue messages from the PBX. The network routing service will not know if the call has been answered by an agent or is queued by the PBX. This means that if a call is queued by the PBX before an agent answers the call, the actual waiting time for that call will be longer than that reported in Puzzel statistics, while the speak time will be shorter than reported.

Agents in ACD/groups connected to a local PBX (not Puzzel Contact Center agents) will use the phones/PBXs call transfer function (not Puzzel Contact Centers call transfer function). When such an agent transfers a call, the Puzzel solution will not notice that the call has been transferred (no signals are sent from the PBX to the Puzzel Contact Center platform), so this transfer is not reflected in the Puzzel Contact Center statistics.


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