Term Description
Puzzel Puzzel Contact Centre Solution
Puzzel solution The Puzzel solution that routes incoming requests (calls/emails/chats etc) to agents.
Access number The telephone number the caller has called (or been forwarded to). A Puzzel solution may have one or more access numbers.
Incoming call A caller calling an access number results in one incoming call.
Answered incoming call An incoming call counts as answered only if a subsequent call from Puzzel to an agent (terminating number) is answered
Call The Puzzel solution calls to an agents number (on behalf of the incoming call) to provide the caller with an answer.
Agent Person answering calls from a Puzzel solution. The agent logs on to the queue(s), and Puzzel offers calls to the agent when he/she is Ready.
Offered call (to agent) All calls set up from Puzzel to an agent where Puzzel received alerting from the network will count as 'Offered'. If a call from Puzzel to a ready agents number results in busy or congestion/error (agent was engaged in an outgoing call not through Puzzel or in an incoming call that was made to the agents direct number) this will not count as 'Offered'.
Call transfer When the agent has answered a call, he/she can transfer the call to another agent/number/queue using the Puzzel call transfer service or the call transfer function of a PBX. The Puzzel agent status and the Puzzel statistics reports will be correct only if the Puzzel call transfer service is used.
Waiting time (for incoming call) On overview level. Time from when the caller enters the first queue until the first agent answers. This also applies for answered callbacks even if the person that ordered callback may have answered on the 2nd or 3rd attempt.
Time in queue
- for answered
- for hang ups
In the Queue reports we report Time in queue for answered calls and Time in queue for callers that hung up separately. One incoming call can go through 0, 1 or more queues with different queue times.
Ring time (per agent) The time from when a call is set up from the Puzzel solution to an agents number until the call is answered by the agent. The agents phone normally starts ringing ~2 seconds after call set-up. (For mobile phones, the set-up time is longer.)
Speak time The time the caller and the agent is connected.
Wrap-up time The time from the agent ends the call until the agent is ready to receive a new call from Puzzel. The agent may click Ready (in Puzzel) before the pre-defined wrap-up time (if any) has ended, and the agent can click to extend the ongoing wrap-up.
AHT Average Handling Time. Sum Speak time + Wrap-up time for answered calls divided by the number of answered calls.


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