Link between requests: call_relations

If you want to create a link or a relation between to requests (call_ids) in raw data, e.g. for web callback Surveys, this can be configured. See chapter Callback Survey. Such relations will be found in table call_relations.

One record is stored for each such call/request relation.

  • call_id and the internal_session_id will be from call/request #2

  • related_call_id and related_session_id will be from call/request #1.

If you want to create such relations between calls/requests (in different services in) your Puzzel solution, please contact Puzzel support to discuss the details to figure out if and when this can be configured (system_related_session_id).

For Scheduled task, we will generate a call_relations record in these cases.

  • Outbound call initiated from a scheduled task tab in

  • Scheduled task created from call request tab in

  • A new scheduled task created by “rescheduling” an open scheduled task in

    A call_relations record for a Scheduled task relation quite often contains a valid related_session_id but a non-existing related_call_id initially, but in these cases the record will usually be updated with the correct related_call_id within 2 hours after the last request ended.


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