• In the hamburger menu, go to REQUEST MANAGEMENT.
  • By default, the Vacation Authorisation screen will display.
  • Across the top of screen are buttons that will show VACATION AUTORISATION, SHIFT SWAP AUTHORISATION and SENT NOTIFICATIONS.
  • Click on an agent request. In the above example, for the agent named Sales1, Sales.
  • A screen similar to below will then be displayed.
  • At the top of the request are the Entitlement, Used and Remaining hours for the agent for both the current and next year.
  • At the bottom is the request made by the agent. Included in the request is –
    • Date – The date the request is for
    • Shift – How many hours the agent is due to work on the date requested
    • Time of Request – How many hours were available when the agent made the request
    • Current – How many hours are available now
  • Click on the Tick or Cross to Approve or Deny the request, then click COMPLETE REQUEST.
  • Any approved Vacation will be added to the agents schedule automatically.
  • The agent will receive a notification of the approval or denial.
  • To view any vacation Cancellation requests, click on CANCELLATIONS and follow the same process. Tick to approve a cancellation, Cross to deny a cancellation.


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