Customer Insight

Puzzel Customer Insight is a feedback collection and analysis tool, in the Puzzel Admin Portal. The Survey Designer empowers you to create different survey types quickly and easily, schedule them across channels and at the right interaction - and analyse them through powerful visualisations and filtering to gather actionable insight at the click of a button.

As a contact centre leader, you want flexible and efficient ways to gather feedback from customers when they've had an interaction with your team. To do this, you may be using a survey tool in addition to your contact centre platform, or you may be using a component of your contact centre platform that has limited functions and only works on some channels. The first scenario means relying on several platforms that require integrations or create clunky workflows. The second scenario means gathering limited feedback or dedicating many hours of manual work, to create surveys specific for each channel, gather data from different places, collect data in one place and make sense of it. In some cases, you might not even be using a survey tool and you miss out on lots of key insight that could help improve your customer service.  That’s why we have worked hard to bring to you a survey tool right in the heart of Puzzel Contact Centre.

Customer Insight, available to Puzzel users from their Admin Portal, allows to:

·       Create surveys from a set of templates

·       Automatically send surveys after each customer interaction, across any channel

·       Gather feedback data from any channel, in one dashboard with user friendly visualisations

·       Get clear insights from all feedback data and filter data based on your specific questions and interests

·       Leverage valuable insights by linking them to the contact centre’s performance

Puzzel Customer Insight helps save 50% of your time when surveying your customer base.

Customer Insight helps you create customer surveys for any channel in a few minutes, gather feedback from any channel in one place, visualise detailed and aggregated results. Quickly identify trends and outliers and link customers’ feedback to agents’ performance.

Customer Insight is the easiest and fastest way to gather real-time actionable insights.

Puzzel Customer Insight makes light work of creating surveys, with popular templates available for users and ample customisation capabilities. You can create surveys that will reach your audience at the channel and time you choose, in less time and with less effort. Review data visualisations that are automatically generated, without taking the time to go through data or import them from different sources. Understand how the insights generated are linked with your contact centre easily and at speed – then build on the customer support strategy within the same platform. Puzzel Customer Insights saves time, effort and allows you to better understand your customers from one place.

This guide covers how to create and send surveys, how to trigger them from different systems and the reporting capabilities.


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