Reports and reporting levels

There are different reports available on different reporting levels.

Reporting Level Report name Traffic Group by time available Max days in a report
Overview Total overview Calls X  
Queue Details per queue Calls X  
Queue Details per queue for email and social media Email and Social X  
Queue Details per chat queue Chat X  
Queue Dialler queue report Calls X  
Queue Queue overview for all media types All media types X  
Queue Enquiry Registrations per Queue All media types    
Agent Details for agents (ID) incl. time logged on Calls X  
Agent Details per agent per queue All media types   366
Agent Details per user group per queue All media types   366
Agent Enquiry Registrations per agent      
Agent Log on/off for agents (ID)     7
Agent SMS sent per agent SMS X  
Agent Time per pause-type     31
Other Enquiry Registration      
Other Enquiry Registration Comments     90*
Other Menu Calls    
Other SMS/Chat Survey score per queue Calls and chats   90*
Other Callback Survey list report ** Calls   7*
Other SMS/Chat Survey list report ** Calls and chats   7*
Other Max./avg./min. agents per status   X 31

* The start date for this report can be max 90 days earlier than today.
** Max 2000 rows


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