The SMS Channel is not much different from all other sources. Whenever an agent is logged into the Agent Application, they receive a standard request, which looks like this:

Once they accept the request, they are presented with the standard layout for this request. This looks like this:

The layout can be subdivided into the following sections:

  1. Header – this is the topmost section of the application. It contains the type of Media Source – in this case – SMS. It also contains a close button, which can be used to close the request, once this is handled.
  2. Message Section – this is the middle section, which contains all available communication for this request.
  3. Reply Section – this are is the place where an agent can post their reply and send it out. It contains the reply text area, along with the send icon.
    Additionally, it contains a few elements, which are newly introduced and specific to SMS. These are:
    1. Character count -  - this symbol keeps track of the characters remaining. Since SMS has a char limit of 160 characters, this comes in handy.
    2. SMS Count - another counter, which is displayed next to the character count, is the SMS count. Once the agent goes over a single SMS, this counter is updated. It looks like this: 
      The total limit on SMS is 8 messages.


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