When logged in to the agent portal, click on the hamburger symbol at the top left of screen and choose Vacation. 

  1. You will see a screen that shows your vacation allocations for the current and next year. 

         Entitlement = How many hours you are allocated for the year. 

         Used = How many hours you have already scheduled off or used. 

         Remaining = How many hours you have left within the year to take. 

  1. There is also another section under Awaiting Authorisation that shows similar information for outstanding requests that have not yet been approved or declined. 
  2. To request time off, click on Apply for Vacation, choose the year of the request followed by the month. You will then see a calendar view as below. 
  3. There is a legend that shows the status of each day in the view. 
  4. To request days off, click on the dates that you want as vacation. Each day will turn purple as you choose it and will be listed under Selected Dates along with how many hours are currently available. This should be a good indicator as to how likely your request will be to succeed. 
  5. Click Submit Request
  6. Depending on settings within your organisation, approval may be instant. You will see a notification through the yellow bell in the menu at the top right of screen. 


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