Approve or decline vacation / holiday requests

Approving or declining vacation requests within the agent portal

1. When logged in to the agent portal, click on the hamburger menu at the top left of screen and choose Request Management. 

2. On the left of screen is a list of requests made by agents. Clicking on a request brings up a screen as below. 

3. The request has the following information -

  • Date - The date the request is for.
  • Shift - The amount of hours that the request is for (from the agents shift information) 
  • Time of Request - How many hours were available when the agent made the request. 
  • Current - How many hours are available right now.

4. Click on the tick icons to approve days off or the cross to decline. 

5. After making your selections, click Complete Request 

6. Any approvals will automatically be added to the schedule. 

7. Agents will receive notifications via the bell in the top right of their screens.  


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