Adherence Lateness Report

Who Is Late?

Agent / shifts are shown on the late report if they meet both of the following criteria:

  • The agent did log in at some point during the shift (otherwise they were absent, not late)

  • The agent was Out Of Adherence at the start of the shift.

    • If an agent is in an unavailable state, they are considered not ready to work and therefore late.

    • The out of adherence at the start of the shift must not be authorised.

    • They must have been in adherence at some point during the day

Shift Start

  • The start of the shift should be considered as the start of the 1st activity scheduled that is eligible for out of adherence. For example:

    • The shift has an overtime before shift, we can consider the start of the shift to be the start of that overtime

    • The 1st hour of the shift is covered by a holiday activity, the start of the shift is considered to be the end of the holiday activity. 

    • The 1st 15 minutes of a shift are covered in a “team meeting” activity (not a holiday or absence & has IsOOA=true), we can consider the start of the shift to still be the start of the shift.

Column Descriptions

Report Column






Agent Name

<Forename> <Surname>


Shift Start

Start time of the 1st scheduled activity that is eligible for OOA

 See examples above

First Work Time

1st time during the shift that the agent is in adherence



First Work Time – Shift Start




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