Up to 5 tiles can be saved to a dashboard tab

  • It is possible to have 2 dashboard tabs
  • There are 4 buttons on the upper right of screen. Add Item, Delete Tab, New Tab and Save
  • By default, a tab will already exist
  • To Add tiles, click on Add Item
  • Choose from Add Chart, Add Stats or Add Campaign Summary
    • Chart is for detailed information over intervals of time.
    • Stats is for a Table and shows statistics over periods of time, Daily, Week to Date, Month to Date
    • Campaign Summary shows the status of weeks in the future with regards to forecasts, schedules and published schedules
  • Charts and Stats allow the choosing of metrics that are to be displayed. Click the diagonal pointing arrow to choose data
  • Tiles can be made taller or shorter, wider or narrower. They can also be dragged and dropped to different positions.
  • Click Save to save any changes to the profile.


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